Restaurant of YunWu Hotel

Yangshuo Yunwu Resort hotel is located in the core of Ten Mile Gallery Valley scenic area, Yulong River, Moon Mountain and other tourist spots scattered around the hotel. Its menu, updated seasonally, is dominated by guangxi cuisine in southwest China. Most of the ingredients come from nearby organic farmers’ markets and are fresh and healthy. The tableware here is also very exquisite, with the forest theme of the restaurant, very natural and artistic atmosphere. Unlike multipart restaurants, the congee served at Yunwu Resort is delicious and guests can enjoy it with different ingredients such as vegetables, minced meat and pickles. The rice comes from the hotel’s own organic rice paddies and the water comes from a nearby river, which may be one reason why the porridge is so delicious. As ingredients, vegetables and meat are carefully cooked on site, not preserved or canned food. It is very pleasant to enjoy the food while sitting in the French window of the restaurant and enjoying the natural beauty.

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