Moontone – fine brunch cuisine

Address: 440 Portland St, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong

 “light-eating” is perhaps the most common phrase heard by people in HK from the young generations. The idea of light-eating is to “eat less, but eat good”. Common cuisines like rice, noodles and steak are no longer popular among the youngsters, contarastly, they are looking for something light, but signature. 

  This cuisine in Sham Shui Po is perhaps the best definition of “light-cuisine”. In the heart of Kowloon Peninsula, one of the most common places teenagers go, Moontone has the key to attracting teenagers. Along with the comfortable and cozy settings inside the restaurant, Moontone is definitely a great place to take photos and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with friends. 

  The dishes in Moontone are all fine and good-looking. The most significant ones perhaps are Peach- toast and Strawberry yogurt drink. The peach toast is served with a fine baked thick-toast with a whole peach on top! The combination of sweetness and saltiness of toast are just perfect. Note that the peach toast is only served in certain seasons. The strawberry yogurt drink, however, is served year-round. The sweet-sour taste of fresh strawberry and greek yogurt are really satisfying, and perfect for an afternoon drink. 

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