Lubuli Restaurant

Lubuli Restaurant is located in Manchuria, a city on the border of China, Mongolia and Russia. There is a lovely Sculpture of a Russian bear in front of the restaurant. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I felt the rich Russian amorous feelings. The Russian girl in the Russian red dress came to receive me immediately, beautiful and warm. Restaurant decoration is delicate, thick Russian amorous feelings, no matter meal plate, ornaments, style, are very “Russia”. The door is greeted by a Russian beauty, very hospitable. The waiters were friendly and the food was served by a professional Russian chef. The restaurant focuses on traditional Russian dishes, which are fresh and delicious. At the door, I was attracted by the aroma of a rouble cheese bun, which is filled with cheese and has a rich flavor. A bite, a sweet pull, and a long aftertaste. It tastes better when eaten hot. Potato chips are very special. The overall shape is “bread-like”, freshly fried potatoes, crispy and delicious. As an appetizer, Ukrainian red cabbage soup is a great dish to try. If you’re not used to it, it might taste a little strange at first. Order one first and share it with others. Last but not least, chardonnay is my favorite rouble dish in the Lubuli Restaurant. It’s huge and has a subtle carbon aroma that’s irresistible.

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