Crape Myrtle Hall

The Crape Myrtle Hall restaurant is located beside the West Lake. The geographical location is unique since it is surrounded by well-grown forests and flowers, but also, customers and travelers can see the West Lake like a mirror and located beside them. Dining on the lake bank is a pleasant experience. The main theme of the restaurant is authentic southern-east Chinese cuisine, with traditional techniques to present authentic domestic flavor, dishes are fresh and refined, and which is very unforgettable. The West Lake Vinegar Fish is my favorite dish in  Crape Myrtle Hall. To be frank, my previous attempts at vinegar fish in Hangzhou did not leave a good impression. Grass carp fishy smell + too sour vinegar smell, it is a terrible combination.

However Crape Myrtle Hall grass carp, completely without any fishy taste, tender. It is also fresh and with moderate acidity, which is the best West Lake Vinegar Fish in Hangzhou, in my opinion. In addition, grass fish spines, but because of vinegar seasoning and soaking, it is thinner and softer; Even if it’s stuck in customers’ throat, it’s easy to get it down with other food.

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